Salt Chlorinators

Many modern pool owners are deciding to make the switch to salt water pools due to the lower cost of maintenance and improved swimming pleasure it promises.

If you don’t already have a saltwater pool, the process of getting one is really simple and basically boils down to adding salt to water in such small amounts that you won’t be able to taste it. The salt is added to your pool by a salt chlorination system. This system contains the word “chlorine” simply because the electrical reaction between the salt chlorinator and the salt water creates natural, gentle chlorine - and the benefits are amazing!

They include:

  • It saves you money– A salt system manufactures natural chlorine. That means no more buying chlorine tablets, shocks or liquid chlorine!
  • No more manually adding chlorine – On a salt system you dial in your chlorine production and that is it!
  • No chlorine smell, red eyes or itchy skin – The negative effects of chlorine like the chlorine smell, red eyes and itchy skin are all due to chloramines. The chlorine that is produced by a salt pool does not have chloramines.

Solar Panels

A great idea for people who want to use their pools all year round is the addition of Solar Panels to their pool system.

At Pool Warehouse we offer convenient DIY kits for that will include everything you need to start warming up your water today.

If you want to get a professional team to install your new Solar Panel system instead –we have a group of in-house specialist ready to come to your premises anywhere in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

Contact us today to find out more about this great, cost effective way to heat your pool to perfection!

• Available in different sizes • Self cleaning and non-self-cleaning models available • Salt available      

Solar panels and solar panel spares available.