Your pool filter ensures that your pool water is kept sparkling and clean and free of too many chemicals and impurities that can cause ill-health, skin irritations and general discomfort. This is why buying the best pool, spa or pond filtration system you can afford is a good rule of thumb for any pool owner.

At Pool Warehouse we stock a huge variety of pool filters, each with their own specific benefits to suit your budget and needs.

Sand Filters are a great low-maintenance natural pool filtration option that catches impurities in the sand itself as water flows over it. The filtered water then flows back through an outlet pipe. In general, the sand only needs to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Cartridge Filters allows contaminated water to flow through a very fine surface that captures dirt, dust and impurities on the way. These pool filters have a large surface area making it an efficient purification system and are easy to maintain as you need only to wash it off with a garden hose from time to time. Cartridge filters to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Our Bio-Filters have been specifically designed to ensure the health of your koi pond or natural water feature as it helps keep the water rich in carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is very important for water plants that in turn keep pond water clear, clean and healthy for fish.

Ecoclear Glass Filters are an exciting new innovation that improves on the existing sand filtration system. Using recycled glass instead of sand removes about 25% more impurities from your water, requires less backwashing, and saves water and ultimately money. Ask us about this great new innovation today!

• Sand filters available in three sizes: - 2 Bag, 3 Bag, 5 Bag -  All filter spares and sand available        

• Filter box standard - Size: 900mm x 900mm - Green or Tan • Filter box large  - Size: 1200mm x 1200mm - Green or Tan • Rock box  - Size: 900mm x 1000mm