If you are looking for affordable top-of-the-line products to solve any problem your pool might have –look no further than Pool Warehouse. We stock a comprehensive range of pool chemicals from the trusted brand names BioGaurd and WaterWell, leaders in the pool chemical industry in South Africa and abroad.

Our product range includes:

Sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine to keep your pool water clear and protected from bacteria and help control algae.

Shock treatments or oxidizers that chemically destroy organic contaminants, remove chlorine build-up and restore water clarity.

Algea control measures that help keep your pool completely clear of algae growth throughout the year.

PH balancing pool chemicals to control scale, prevent stains, and correct mineral imbalances for optimal swimmer comfort.

Off season pool chemical treatments that are designed for use in winter months or when your pool when not in use.

Natural chemical free products and salt water pool products are also available for purchase.

Free services include

  • Computerised Water Analysis. Simply bring a sample of your pool water and we will analyse exactly what pool chemicals you need, in what order and when.
  • Pool Volume Measurements. It is very important to know your pool volume when determining how much chemicals to add. Simply bring us your pool measurements and average depth and we will gladly calculate it for you for free.

• Large range of pool chemicals available. • Distributors TWO TEN and Bioguard